All Together Helping Others 

The purpose of ​All Together Helping Others is to help create a green planet for a safe tomorrow.

Waste & Recycling 

Did you know that the average trash contains 55 to 70 percent of recyclable items? This varies from water bottles, laundry containers, beverage cans etc.? As a result, from a comprehensive study, it has been proven that more than 80% of materials found in a community’s trash could have been recycled or composted.

A.T.H.O.​ is all about community health and awareness. A clean healthy community, creates clean healthy thriving people, and by recycling and purifying our community, it ensures an eco-friendly environment for all living beings.

all together helping others 

Together We Can Make A Difference

Little things such as recycling has a huge impact our community.
When we don't recycle, items will eventually end up in local streams and dams causing harm to the environment. We believe recycling would reduce waste and will build community togetherness and awareness. This is going to take a united stand, with the help and participation of all​ 50 states​ working together side by side saving each community one state at a time. ​A.T.H.O. ​is honored to lead the way to a cleaner healthier environment for everyone by taking action and spreading knowledge about the importance of the Bottle Bill.

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Recycling Pick-up 

Due to the recent corona epidemic, everyone throughout the country has been subjected to quarantine inside their  homes. This has caused a major overflow of trash and household recyclable items. A.T.H.O. wants to help eliminate the headache of having more trash than usual, so we will be giving a FREE recycling bin for recyclable items only to those who joins the  A.T.H.O.'s 
[Go Green Team].

Waste Pick-Up 

For those clients who do not have a inner city trash service; A.T.H.O. wants to offer an affordable and reliable trash service for everyone out the city limits.  We provide customers with two cans, one for recycling items and one for trash. The starting payment is only $60 and $45 for senior citizens( age 65+) for the first three months of service. We offer quarterly payments for your convenience. We look forward to serving you and your community.